Less Talk More Action

Typographic illustration for a motivational poster.

Lazy Dog Poster

Hand drawn typographic poster. Made in celebration of the sixth birthday of The Lazy Dog store/gallery in Paris. An abstraction of the phrase "The quick fox jumps over the lazy brown dog", which includes all letters of the alphabet.


A series of Illustrations inspired by constellations and their representational stories. The collective shapes formed by small objects come to represent myths and common stories. For each of these projects a heroic figure became a galaxy. In other cases the beauty of the comsos was inspiration in itself.

Galaxay - Poster & Gobo Design

Mestre Pastinhia

Mestre Pastinhia 
Dwayne Wade T-Shirt for Nike

Dwayne Wade T-Shirt for Nike


Branding and packaging for an online experimental radio station.

The coded cover uses a system where 26 points across represent a letter of the alphabet. The highlighted points reveal the album title.

The isolated position of the coded points are used as a graphic element throughout the package.

Solar Powered

Illustrating the importance of the sun in sustaining three kingdoms (Land, Sea & Air) and the effects of global warming - screen printed posters exhibited at Rinzen's Solar Powered show at Kong Gallery in Mexico City. 

Lowdown 50

Celebrating Lowdown Magazine’s 50th issue in fluid forms.

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